Enquiries and orders are managed by our experienced quotations and customer services specialists, who handle all aspects of your order from initial request to final delivery.

To provide our customers with their product in optimum condition, we offer temperature controlled storage and a range of cold packaging solutions that ensure required storage conditions are maintained in transit.


Today the Pharmaceutical supply chain has become a more complex global challenge with often complicated communication pathways further increasing the need for greater control, necessitating agreed contracts and technical agreements to be in place between the Customer and Supplier. In tandem the regulatory landscape has changed considerably during this period and more recently there is now a legal requirement to prevent the infiltration of falsified products into the distribution chain and conversely the theft of medicinal products has become a topic of steadily growing importance. This change in awareness can be observed in more vigorous and challenging inspections by the regulatory authorities.

Customer Enquiry Received by Masters Quotations Customer Services Team

Product is sourced in accordance with the customer's needs. We look for the lowest price with availability from our select list of reliable and trusted worldwide partners

Quotation is prepared and issued to the Customer for agreement

The agreed order is managed by your Dedicated Customer Service Team member

Goods delivered to Customer including documents required for importation and clearance

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