Masters accredited warehousing sites in the UK, USA and Central America offer temperature controlled environments for managing the receipt, storage, and distribution of pharmaceuticals.

Warehousing and Distribution

Our warehousing sites are operated by trained staff working in accordance with defined operating procedures that ensure products are consistently handled, stored and transported  under specified labeling conditions and in full compliance with the requirements of  EU Good Distribution Practice (GDP).

We efficiently and cost effectively manage the supply chain logistics appointing customised transport solutions that cater specifically to the individual requirements of every order, ensuring shipments are dispatched in the appropriate packaging system, so product integrity is not breached in any way during transit. We work together with our customers to ensure all the relevant paperwork required for clearance by the importing country is adhered to, in order to prevent unnecessary delays. 

Masters maintain validated cold-chain storage and distribution practices, and are licensed to store and distribute controlled drugs. We have a Quality & Regulatory team in place offering quality assurance and compliance across the Masters group, so our high standards are maintained wherever we deliver in the world.

To meet our collective objectives, we need to ensure close cooperation with selected partners across many countries and disciplines including freight, airline and packaging suppliers - not just pharmaceutical manufacturers and distributors. Therefore our purchasing teams are working to ensure that only those vendors with good levels of compliance are used. In support of this initiative we have introduced a new vendor management process, requiring additional checks and due diligence, including audits, with the aim of improving our negotiating power, leading in turn to better delivery timelines, increased visibility and a reduction in waste; all benefits which we hope to pass on to our Customers. 

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