With our 29 year heritage, expertise and experience of emerging markets - coupled with local knowledge and teams on the ground - we can give you early access to new territories, customers and contacts.

Partnering With Us

Masters Speciality Pharma, headquartered in the UK is ideally placed for opportunities for the growth and further development of our existing business through acquisition, distribution or in-licensing of mature and speciality pharmaceuticals.

We are interested in obtaining products to complement our current portfolio and are actively seeking the exclusive territories or global rights to viable new and mature product introductions, particularly in the following areas:-

  • Rare and orphan diseases
  • Oncology
  • Secondary care
  • Haematology
  • Infectious diseases

We serve many international markets, principally where we have commercial operations in Latin America, Central America, Europe and the USA.  From these locations we have substantial business in the Caribbean, South America, Asia and the Middle East as well as other remote parts of the world.

Our experience of successfully meeting different regulatory requirements, particularly in emerging markets, ensures that we will increase international demand for both new and established products.

The area of business that we cover, is complex and requires a deep understanding of the industry landscape where there can be a wide variation in the local needs of the countries in these regions, as well as the medical and regulatory organisations that support them. 

Masters brings the specialist knowledge required to work in partnership with local governments to ensure patients can benefit from those innovative medicines. We also hold all the necessary licenses to ensure that our activities are compliant and transparent.

Ideally we are seeking new business partnerships with medium sized pharmaceutical manufacturers who have spent a considerable amount of resource on research and development of a product. Where we can work closely together and dovetail our resources to fully utilise our assets, expertise and infrastructure for entering their products into new and challenging markets as quickly as possible where alternative options are limited

Partnership working can deliver significant results, which can only be a good thing for patients where there is unmet medicinal need. In addition, the industry partner can get a deeper understanding of what is really important to meet the local requirements of the individual markets in which those patients and physicians live.

If you are a manufacturer looking to work with an experienced, international pharmaceutical company, then please contact our Business Development Team, who will be happy to provide you with any information you require about working with Masters.

Santhera Pharmaceuticals

Masters is taking care of a special access program that Santhera offers to patients in the US. Their dedication to help patients and their close interaction with Santhera in handling non-routine situations give us confidence and a sense of control over this outsourced service. Moreover, Masters have shown impressive flexibility in tailoring their service to best meet Santhera’s needs.