A heritage of over 29 years working with a singular objective of improving the quality of patients' lives worldwide, through expanded access to advanced medications.

Masters Speciality Pharma is a leading international pharmaceutical company with expertise in responding to the unmet needs and preferences of patients and healthcare professionals. Masters specialise in supplying advanced medicines to Hospitals, Pharmacists, Clinics and Governments, in over 90 countries worldwide.

Established in 1984, Masters is principally engaged in the compliant sourcing of a broad range of established branded prescription drugs (or their generic equivalent) and pharmacy medicines.

Other activities include the legal importation of innovative life-saving licensed medicines commonly available in the USA and Europe, which are typically difficult to access from outside these markets to countries where market authorisation has not been obtained.

Our expertise covers key strategic areas such as:-

  • Procurement service for Private Clinics, Hospitals, Government Institutions and Retail Pharmacies.
  • Home Office Controlled Drugs Licensed to store and distribute Controlled Drugs.
  • Exclusive distribution agreements, fostering and in-licensing of late-stage and commercialised pharmaceuticals.
  • Market Authorisation or acquisition/product ownership.




Wednesday 31 May 2017

From Thursday, 1st June, 2017, all patients in the USA requiring deflazacort should contact the EMFLAZA CaresTM program on 1-844-EMFLAZA...

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