Regulatory compliance

Masters Speciality Pharma maintains the highest principles regarding ethical and legal sourcing or medicines. With a heritage of serving hard to reach emerging markets for over 30 years we understand the local needs and regulatory environment, in addition to global regulations. All medicines that Masters source and supply conform to the highest standards of quality and are backed up with a global pharmacovigilance system. You can be confident that every dose or pack meets these high standards.

Our Masters Speciality Access (MSA) division, which focusses on supplying approved medicines not registered in destination the country sources from our select list of reliable and trusted partners around the world.

Wherever possible we aim to source directly from the manufacturer; but where this is not possible (usually for volume or quantity reasons) we work with a selection of preferred vendors who must pass our stringent supplier approval process to verify their authenticated, commercial and quality status.

Our commitment to the highest regulatory standards is evidenced by:

  • Our robust Quality Management System.
  • Independently verifying the bona fide status of all our suppliers.
  • Compliance with EU Good Distribution Practice.
  • Being fully regulated in the territories in which we physically operate.
  • Holding a UK Wholesale Dealers License (WDL) and UK Home Office Controlled Drugs Licences.
  • Holding similar permits from ANVISA in Brazil, DNM in El Salvador and the FDA in our USA office.


   Regulatory compliance