Masters adopts latest advance in cold chain packaging with Chronos™ temperature controlled single-use boxes

Masters Speciality Pharma has recently selected a state-of-the-art cold chain packaging solution, manufactured by Pelican BioThermal, to ensure its medicines reach their destination in perfect condition, every time.

Pelican BioThermal is a cold chain packaging solutions provider which has a broad and diverse portfolio of single-use and reusable passive temperature controlled shippers for the life sciences and pharmaceuticals industries.

Chronos boxes use light weight and compact technology to maintain a specified temperature on cold chain shipments. Switching to this type of packaging allows Masters the potential to significantly reduce shipping costs, while at the same time ensuring temperature stability as the increased accuracy and precision of ice packs keeps the temperature of each shipment between 2-8 degrees Celsius.

Dr William P Watson, Chief Business Officer explains: “At Masters we are committed to supplying the best quality medicines to Southern and Central America, the Caribbean and the Middle East. Ensuring that drugs are fully protected while in transit from potentially damaging temperature fluctuations is vital. This is why we selected Chronos boxes because of their unrivalled track record in transporting cold chain medicines all the way through the supply chain to the customer, in a way that meets and exceeds international standards.”

The decision to switch to Chronos boxes has transformed the way that Masters ships cold chain products for the benefit of customers and patients. The boxes incorporate a patented technology which maintain optimum temperature throughout the journey. In the event of a delay whereby the package has to be refrigerated, such as a customs delay, the patented technology allows the package to ‘hibernate’ and the temperature of the shipment is maintained for a prolonged period of time.

Will Watson further commented:” At Masters we specialise in sourcing medicines from the UK, Europe and US to be used in indications of oncology, haematology, pain management and to treat rare diseases. We also have ambitious plans to grow the company in the rare disease market and therapeutic areas where drugs often need to be shipped at low temperatures. By changing the way that we transport our drugs we are now able to offer customers greater confidence in the way the products are handled during the shipping process, reduce transport costs and potentially ship cold-chain products for longer journeys. This can only benefit the customers and their patients.”